Thursday, July 23, 2009

Livin' Easy...Lookin' Clean

For all of you who read my last blog and lifted Uncle Dave and the Baker family up in prayer, THANK YOU. I truly believe that God hears, accepts and adores our prayers. While I know that OUR ways are not always His ways and that unanswered prayers are sometimes a blessing, I can't help but feel His hand was in this the whole time and that your prayers have made a tremendous impact on this family. So thank you, dear friends, for your time, love, support and conversation with God.

Because I am not a doctor, nurse, PA or any kind of medical professional, I will not try and butcher the good news with some poor explanation. Rather, I will tell you that it looks like the spots on Uncle Dave's liver are actually a bacteria that grow in most bodies, just not normally in this place. They are not harmful and will cause no problems. Life is soooooo good.

I want to take a moment to write about my dear friend who just so happens to be my cousin, Catie Baker. Through this whole ordeal (and really through life in general) she has maintained an intense, willing and natural faith. She believed that God's hand was in this situation...loving and molding all people involved. Never once did she question or curse His ways (which is so very easy to do). Instead, she focused all of her energy on loving her Daddy. She savored every moment with him, not like it was her last, but as the greatest joy in have the luxury of spending time with someone you really love. She remains, as always, an inspiration to me in my daily life. I just adore her.

***Many exciting events in the last few of these days, I'll get around the blogging about them AND post some fun photos. Until then, enjoy this beautiful day :)

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